From Here to Eternity: How I Came to Advocate for  Medical Aid in Dying, Presented by Dr. Ilana Bar-Levav

January 16, 2022    
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Tikkun Talks – Ilana Bar-Levav on Zoom

What does a good “end of life” mean?  The topic of death is not easy and, for many, it is one that is too often avoided.  While we meet with our lawyers to plan our estates, only rarely do we confer with loved ones to plan to exit this world in a way that fits our needs, values and wishes.

This is part of my journey about learning the importance of navigating for the inevitable.

Ilana Bar-Levav, M.D. is board certified in Internal Medicine but has been practicing psychotherapy for most of her career.  She has a special interest in helping people with end of life issues who need to explore these concerns.