Jewish Identity Institute

We often think about being Jewish as a fixed point in our lives. We feel like we know “in our kishkes” what “feels” Jewish and what doesn’t. The reality of Jewish identity, however, is that it is dynamic and fluid, ever changing and growing–and it has always been that way. The truth about being Jewish in the world is that we have always lived connected to and enriched by surrounding cultures and ideas, and people from non-Jewish backgrounds have always been becoming a part of the Jewish family, making us all better, wiser and more blessed because of them.

In recent generations, this process of absorbing and growing from other cultures has only accelerated here in America. Some in the Jewish community have reacted to this process with fear and rejection of people from diverse backgrounds. But nowadays, we are evolving and seeing the blessing in our ever-increasing Jewish diversity.

Join us for a panel discussion with three Kol Shalom families who understand this issue in very personal ways. We will hear some of their stories and learn from their insights. The goal is for us not only to celebrate these families, but to learn from them how we can continue to grow and become more inclusive and welcoming of diversity as a point of strength and pride in our congregation.

Email Samantha To RSVP.

The first panel discussion will be “Jewish Families, Blended Cultures” on October 17th at 11am