Parashat HaShavua

Join Rabbi Batya Glazer as she guides us through Genesis over the next eleven weeks on Thursdays, at noon-1:00 PM beginning this Thursday, October 22. The session on the week of Thanksgiving will be held on Monday, November 23rd.

Lifelong Learning Fee: $72.00 (per participant) for the entire 11-week Genesis program.

The Book of Genesis is the spiritual blueprint for the universe, and we will explore what this means for us. As we study each week’s Torah reading, we will have the opportunity to discuss the implications for our place in the world as both individuals and as members of the Jewish people. We will explore the text through a number of different methods of Torah study, including a literary approach, classical commentators and midrashim, and a bit of grammar. We will use a variety of different translations and commentaries. Bring your favorite!