Letter from the Director of Education

Dear Families,

Welcome to Kol Shalom Talmud Torah (KSTT). We are a progressive school and believe Jewish Learning should be fun, innovative, interesting, and relevant to our students’ lives.   Exploring Judaism’s rich heritage and history in these ways enables us to lead more meaningful and fulfilling modern lives.

Whether our teaching is done on-line or in person, we incorporate a variety of teaching methodologies into our lessons.  As you know, these past few months have been challenging; filled with concern and uncertainty for what the future holds.  Please feel assured that KSTT is here for you and your family.  Our commitment to providing an educational experience that fosters community instills a love of Jewish learning, and is based upon Jewish values and ethics is stronger than ever.

KSTT is piloting a new curriculum called ShalomLearning.  It is a Jewish Values-based curriculum focusing on 7 different values throughout the school year.  Each grade studies the same value but through a grade-appropriate lens.  For example, the 3rd grader will explore the value as it pertains to family while the 4th grader will examine that same value on how it relates to self.  Different texts, traditional and modern, and concepts are introduced to the student so the curriculum spirals upwards as the student matures and grows.  Additionally, social action projects, family programming, and field trips, either virtually or in person, will be incorporated into the school year.


We are excited to, along with your family, build a larger Jewish community that transmits the values of learning, compassion, Tzedakah (charity), Tikkun Olam (service), and our history.




Mindy Silverstein