Kolot: Lifelong Learning 2.0

Finding the voices that call us ino Jewish Life

When God gave the Torah on Mount Sinai, the Israelites perceived God’s Voice as Kolot, or “Voices” (in the plural!). The Midrash explains that each Israelite heard the One Voice of God in a way that he or she could uniquely hear.  The Torah was not given in one language alone, but in all 70 languages of the world.  Moreover, each person heard the Voice according to her or his capacity:  a child heard it in a way a child could understand, and an adult heard it in the way that most deeply spoke to her or to him.

Our name is Kol Shalom.  Our very identity hearkens to that original Voice at Mount Sinai.  In this New Year, we embark to fulfill this vision of One Voice that speaks to each human being in our community in the myriad of voices that speak to each one of us.  Our journey through this year will be filled with opportunities to engage and connect with Jewish life and community in multiple ways.  Our programs will reflect the voices of multiple generations, backgrounds, yearnings, expectations and needs. We hope that you will join us by listening for the Voice at Kol Shalom that calls to you!  And, we look forward to your adding your voice to the on-going Torah that we will discover together.