How to Fix the World

Learn from master teacher, Rabbi Johanna Potts, about the core values, texts, ideas, and experiences of Judaism, and how those factors combine in brilliant ways through history, the calendar of time, and through our rituals to shape our lives as Jewish individuals and communities. No previous background in Judaism is required to participate in this program.

Lifelong Learning Fee: $72.00 (per participant) for the entire program.

Dates are November 19, December 3, December 17, January 7, January 21, February 4, February 18 and March 4 at 7 pm.

How to Fix the World: an exploration of how Jewish values have shaped us and continue to inspire us to Action

Looking at our values of social justice, tzedek, tzedakah, and hospitality – welcoming the stranger, we will see the textual bases for these values in Jewish texts over time and how we bring them into our lived Judaism today.