Tikkun Talks

Jewish Visionaries changing the World

Kol Shalom members share insight drawing from their expertise, wisdom, and the world beyond in a “Ted Talk” style event. 

Contact Barbara Leiner if you are interested in being a Tikkun Talk lecturer.


Upcoming Tikkun Talks:

October 15, 2023 Alan Elsner – Our religious music: Why did we come to sing what we sing in the way we sing it? (This is an interactive session, come prepared to sing!)

November 12, 2023 Barry Greene – The Principles and Psychology of Weight Loss

December 17, 2023 Lew Schrager – Developing Vaccines for Tuberculosis: Why? How? What? When?

January 28, 2024 Ellen Sidansky – Genetic Links to Parkinson Disease: Clues from an “Ashkenazi ” Disorder

March 3, 2024 Cheryl Hepfer – Forced Marriage in the United States and Around the World


Prior Talks and Topics: Recordings available upon request, contact Samantha.

Eran Gasko – Securing the Lessons and Relevance of the Holocaust for New Generations Worldwide

David Fogel – The Unprecedented Implosion of U.S. Healthcare Is There Hope?

Barry Greene – The History and Future of Robots in Surgery

Samuel Witten -US Government Programs for the Admission and Protection of Refugees

Michael Siegel – Lessons in Leadership

Jeff Rum –  How Can Brands Change the World?

Shirley Brandman – School Boards Under Attack: The Search for a Path to Sustaining Public Faith in Public Education

Ilana Bar-Levav –  From Here to Eternity: How I Came to Advocate for Medical Aid in Dying

Aki Peritz – Disruption: Inside the Largest Counterterrorism Investigation in History

Bob Loeb – Handling Cases Before the Supreme Court and Insights into Today’s Conservative Court

Elanah Uretsky -My Path Towards Understanding the Covid Outbreak in China