Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Iconography of Justice

March 1, 2021    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

With Rabbi Gil Steinlauf and Stephanie Fry, Museum Educator, Capital Jewish Museum

In honor of Jewish Women’s History Month, the Arts Yeshiva at Kol Shalom teams up with the Capital Jewish Museum to explore not only the life and inspiration that was Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but the enduring symbolism of her career and service on the United States Supreme Court through some of the greatest moments of change and progress in American history. Capital Museum Educator Stephany Fry will lead us first in an exploration of her famous collar, which will be on display at the museum, and Rabbi Gil Steinlauf will guide us through classical Jewish texts and ideas that give deep Jewish context and significance to Justice Ginsburg’s life.

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