Jewish Identity Institute

The Jewish Identity Institute is an incubator of Jewish Identity in the 21st Century. We explore the meaning and impact of existing and new Jewish identities; we explore the Jewish community, from its breadth to its edges, and seeking new expressions of meaningful Jewish life and engagement in the 21st century. The Jewish Identity Institute will gather national cohorts of Jews of like Jewish identities for learning, dialogue, and exploration of the meaning of their Jewishness in our time.  JiD will convene three parallel cohorts each exploring identity issues for each group:

  • Jews of Color
  • LGBTQ Jews
  • Jews with Disabilities

Each cohort has its lead faculty who guides participants through various study sessions, discussions, and exercises designed to explore the meaning and import of their unique kinds of Jewish identity.
The Jewish Identity Institute concludes with a “Re’echa Kamocha” event designed to explore identity intersections within the Jewish community. At this Passover-themed closing event, each of the three cohorts meet, learn together, confront differences/similarities, and explore potential for new kinds of Jewish community and meaning.

If you identify as a Jew of Color, as a Jew with Disabilities, or as a member of the LGBTQ community, we encourage you to participate in a cohort. Registration is free. If you are interested in participating in one of the cohorts, please register below.

Jewish Identity Institute Faculty

Rabbi Gil Steinlauf

LGBTQ Cohort

Sabrina Sojourner

Jews of Color Cohort

Rabbi Lauren Tuchman

Jews with Disabilities Cohort

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