B’Yachad Community Religious School

Welcome to the B’Yachad Community
5782 / 2021-2022

The B’Yachad Community Religious School will bring together the kids and families of Kol Shalom, Shaare Torah and Tikvat Israel.  It will also present a vision for a new way for our kids to celebrate their Judaism and Jewishness–B’Yachad, together.

Being Jewish in the modern world is all about learning to thrive in an often complex environment, with many different kinds of people and ideas.  At B’Yachad, we recognize that in addition to being part of each of our synagogue communities, our students are members of a larger Jewish community, not just citizens of one synagogue, but of a larger community.  We will lift up our diversity of approaches, identities and understandings, and celebrate the potential of each child to be proud of their or his Jewishness as they go through life.

Interested in learning more about B’Yachad?  Please email Rabbi Batya Glazer, Director of B’Yachad Community at bglazer@byachadcommunity.org.

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