Sukkut 2020

Dear Kol Shalom Family,


The holiday of Sukkot is uniquely relevant during these uncertain times.  As we dwell in a Sukkah, we are reminded of life’s preciousness and fragility, of our dependence on nature and on each other to affirm life’s blessings.

Because of the pandemic, however, our ability to gather in a Sukkah is all the more difficult–and yet, it is a mitzvah to be in a Sukkah and

to experience the blessings and the joy of the holiday.

At Kol Shalom, we want you to know that we are here for you, and we are ready to make the experience of being in a Sukkah available for you and for your family.  We are happy to announce that our Sukkah will be open and accessible, with safety measures in place to ensure proper social distancing.

We are providing sign-up times for you to come to our Sukkah.  In order to ensure safety, we are only allowing individuals and their families to come for each available time-slot.  In addition, we will have prayer books and a lulav and etrog available for anyone who needs.

Please click here to reserve a time slot in the Sukkah (due to limited slots please choose only one)

Wishing you and yours a Shanah Tovah and Chag Same’ach!

Rabbi Gil Steinlauf