Yetzirah: A Yeshiva of the Arts

Sponsored by The Blumenthal Family

In Memory of Bernice and Werner, z”l.

Exploring the Arts

From a Uniquely Jewish Perspective

It’s a place where Jewish culture, learning and identity come together to form new creative synergies in all three areas.  The essence of Yetzirah is a featured artist, composer, musician, writer, dancer, etc., who presents their work, and that work is accompanied by Jewish study, as well as deep-dive discussions.

The Goal of Yetzirah

…is to bring Jewish life and tradition to the arts, as well as the arts to Jewish text-study and discussion, thereby enriching both realms.  In the process, the goal of Yetzirah is a broader, richer, and more integrated vision of Jewish life, where Jewish wisdom and insight combine meaningfully with our culture, and the arts bring further depth and connection to Jewish life within the Jewish community.

Yetzirah Class Lineup

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