Four Questions We Should Ask Presidential Candidates

By analyzing the leadership skills of seven recent US presidents, KS member Michael Eric Siegel seeks to de-mystify the elements and dynamics of effective presidential leadership and help citizens assess presidential candidates.

Siegel shows that presidential leadership is exercised by real, flawed human beings, and not by superheroes or philosopher-kings beyond the reach of scrutiny or critique. He argues that leadership in the White House can be evaluated by using a consistent set of criteria to analyze presidential performance—vision, execution (implementation), management, and decision-making. He compares Presidents Carter-Trump using these criteria.

Dr. Siegel is a Senior Education Specialist at The Federal Judicial Center in Washington, DC. He organizes and presents training programs for federal judges and court unit executives on leadership development, change management, and negotiation skills. He is an award-winning adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University and author of The President as Leader, 2nd edition, (Routledge 2018).


This video was recorded on June 28th 2020

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Leadership lessons from the White House